You want to talk politics and economic issues? Well neither do most musicians. Let’s face it, you can’t turn on the radio and hear too many songs about the real issues, can you? Not too many artists can successfully tackle these issues head-on, but one man is taking it all on by himself. And might I add, he’s doing this quite successfully. Theo, better known as E-MUTE, brings an upbeat vibe to some not so upbeat problems. His new EP, “I Can Pay For It: A Collection of Songs for the Current Political & SocioEconomic Crisis,” dives straight into the changes that need to be made in the world we live in.


How much does money rule your every day life? Well, E-MUTE is here to tell you. The cover for the EP literally has a man flying on a magic carpet that’s not a carpet at all. Spoiler alert: It’s a one dollar bill. And what is that he has in his eye? Well it’s a coin, of course. The first track of the five track EP, ‘I Can Pay For It’, starts out uniquely upbeat for a song that’s going to talk about sheer greed. The song goes on to reiterate how much “I want to drive around a fast car”. And, you know what? It’s great.  A fun music video accompanies the track.  Enjoy it here:

Theo brings an exciting and fresh sound to the music world, a sound that definitely separates itself from the usual. Pure talent and dedication is definitely seen in the new EP. Another great thing about this EP is that no two songs sound anything alike. The dance rhythm of ‘I Can Pay For It’ sets you up for an exhilarating trip through the next few tracks, and the fourth track on the EP titled ‘Say What You Want To Say’ brings a mellow vibe that manages to combine a sound similar to early Coldplay but make it completely it’s own. Enticing lyrics and an impressive vocal range are the most enticing part of this track, but that’s not to say that the beat of the entire song is anything but amazing. By far my favorite track from the whole EP.

Overall, I think it’s safe to say that E-MUTE is going places. The ability to make successful music that does not all sound the same is quite impressive, and E-MUTE has the ability to make that happen. If you haven’t already heard the new EP, definitely take some time to check it out. You don’t want to miss out on any of it.

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  1. Thank you very much for this GREAT review Kristy.