Music has a way of letting people express themselves even if they are not extroverts.  Sometimes the task of writing songs and lyrics liberates these shy feelings and allows the artist to become a different more confident person.  This can somewhat be related to our recent find K-Flicka.


The man born as David Avant Jr. on the West side of Chicago is the force behind K-Flicka.  The nursery rhyme lyrics of Third Base’s “Pop Goes The Weasel” drew him to rap at a young age.  By the age of 11, Dana was taking the art seriously and formed a group called The Uptown Shorties with some friends from the neighborhood.  The constant back and forth freestyle battles sharpened his skills and began his life as K-Flicka.  Even though he considers himself shy, K-Flicka found it easy to express himself through his lyrics.  His talents were noticed by RIchmen Entertainment and a new source of exposure was gained.  After some time in a group called Creativ Grind, and a time away from the scene, he reemerged for a solo career that is getting the proper recognition now.  

The debut album Order Out Of K.O.S. has been hitting the street hard.  The energy of “Running” grabs the listener right away with its fast moving beat and spitfire vocal delivery.  You will find your head bobbing uncontrollably from start to finish.  The rolling lyrics of “Mile Hiii” show a fun vibe that will draw you into the story.    The darker tone of “Faded” will create a slightly eerie feel with its organ sounds crafting a beat that creeps deep into your mind.  K-Flicka is a man who can continuously deliver powerful and catchy lyrics especially with his fast delivery even over the mellow beat of “I.D.G.F.”  He can do just about anything in the rap game.

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