The dynamic between a father and his son is one that toyed with significantly in songwriting. More often than not, that dichotomy is explored whenever its strained. A new trick from equape, an independent outfit from New York City, delves into the subject matter with a level of compelling brevity. The track, entitled “”Your Force, is a bittersweet take on a father who isnt around as much as he probably should be.


The track was originally inspired by a real relationship between the songwriters friend and his friends son. Since his friend worked extensively and had to travel for work, his son wasnt able to spend much time with him. The time they did spend, however, was positive and the son never blamed the father for being absent. One could argue its a temporary spiritual successor to something akin to Cats in the Cradle. It isnt as overt as the famous Harry Chapin track, though.

The lyrics of Your Forceare particularly tactful. Written from the perspective of the son, it doesn’t exercise as much understanding of its own situation as Cats in the Cradle. The son recounts all of his favorite games, toys, and activities, but also remarks about how it doesnt matter which one, if any of them, they play with or do – he just wants to be with his father. Its a hopeful sentiment that turns sad in the final notes of the song as the son contemplates how he can make things right. He doesnt understand hes not the one at fault.

Musically, equape explores very atmospheric soundscapes that are well-produced and organized. I love the sonic intricacy of it, and I love the vocals as well. Its as if theyre straight out of Sgt.Peppersor a modern Wilco record. Its a perfect balance of contemporary and classic instrumental musings and delivery. The synthesized brass sections that dance back and forth with the vocal harmony toward the end are absolutely fantastic – I love the space equape creates.

The track is off the brands latest album Sense the Horses Rush. If its indicative of the album, Id immediately be compelled to delve into the rest. Your Forceis a sparse, but effective jaunt through some bittersweet emotions that many will likely find as relatable as they are potentially troubling. Find out more about equape and hear more music at:

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