Ed Roman Turns On The ‘Happiness’


Our friend Ed Roman always keeps us guessing over his long career of making interesting music.

I struggle to place Ed Roman’s latest single, “Happiness” into any typical genre. Labeling his offering is fruitless, as the instrumentation presented blends pop/rock, country, and folk yet throws in nuances of synth sounds, a funk bass groove, and jazzy chord progressions. All of this is under a narrative of emotional awakening and reflection. “Happiness” is an upbeat, feel-good track which challenges the listener to grasp every offered emotion and the accompanying thought associated with them while swinging to that funky bass and pop beats.

Ed Roman, an award winning instrumentalist, puts everything plus the kitchen sink into “Happiness” in what I am sure the reader here would think is a jumbled mess; however, it is executed with superlative ease as Ed Roman captures each of his timbres and places them into their respective compartment allowing the natural flow of the song to be enjoyable and entertaining.

For those who are still unaware of Ed Roman’s work, “Happiness” is a long-awaited follow-up to the successful track, “Tomorrow Is Today” from his upcoming album, A Recipe For Perpetual Spring. This one follows his award-winning “Red Omen” album. With clever instrumentation and dynamic melodies, this Canadian artist is likely to turn many heads within the music industry with this track. Although Ed Roman is still blurring the lines of a defined genre, “Happiness” would fit well into any MOR, Adult Contemporary Radio playlist, while Country and Pop stations would be wise to give his track a chance as well.

“Happiness” drops on October 1st.

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