Canadian Musician Ed Roman Promotes Tourism In Hometown

Ed Roman

Award-winning Canadian musician Ed Roman has seen a lot of places…He’s traveled to Jamaica to deliver humanitarian aid. He’s toured in Philadelphia, New York City, Austin, and other music hotspots throughout North America.  His music has been heard around the world on more than 600 radio stations. You could say, Ed Roman has been there, done that. So, it comes as no surprise that his local Headwaters region has selected him to participate in a project to promote tourism in the area.


Ed Roman is spotlighted on the Headwaters Inspired website, in a video, and in promo posters for the beautiful area. He and his wife own Black Earth Music and Pottery, located in Shelburne, Ontario, Canada, on the border with Melancthon.


The Headwaters region has a diverse and very active arts and culture sector and a tenuous approach to heritage preservation. Ed Roman has become an integral part of the fabric of this artistic culture. The arts and culture sector has been identified by Dufferin County, the Town of Caledon, and the Town of Erin as an important part of economic growth in Headwaters and a direct contributor to community well-being. To further grasp the impact of arts and culture on the community, Dufferin County, the Town of Caledon and the Town of Erin funded a project to start an arts and culture framework in Headwaters.


“Where I live is so important to me. I need to be close to the community. Here, I can talk to the mayor if I want. I’m in touch with the earth and nature around me,” said Roman.

Find out more and dive into the Ed Roman story and Headwaters community HERE.

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