The Smooth Musings of Bluestaeb Available on New LP


The infectious and diverse genius of Bluestaeb is here again with the new LP, Everything Is Always A Process.


Known for his inclinations toward experimentation and uber-cool production, Bluestaeb does not fail to push the boundaries of his own creative limits and those he collaborates with. The names that appear on the album include Noah Slee, MAÏA, and Ash Shakur. Bluestaeb creates complimentary sounds with organic instrumentation and sonic electronic beats. He says that the album is heavily influenced by African and Spanish styles of music.


The first song, “Alright,” begins with a bossa nova standard beat that seamlessly morphs into various versions of the same beat. The mastery over his production techniques and quality surpasses pretty much everyone making music in this realm. Seriously. In addition, the song is universally a “feel good” song.


Personally speaking, the best song on Everything Is Always a Process is “Left & Right.” It is a great song to start the day with. The song is almost ethereal in its delicateness and again, it leaves a calmness of mind thanks to its jazzy flavor. That is one of Bluestaeb’s endless list of strengths, that his music deeply resonates with you.


EIAAP Crosses Genres, Making Bluestaeb Even More Interesting

One of the collaborations on the album includes “Mind Feat. Noah Slee & MAÏA,” a slower, jazzier, and passionate hip-hop fusion number. This one has a larger presence of physical instrumentation, especially guitar sections and piano interludes. There is something nostalgic about “Mind,” perhaps its an ode to classic soul only with contemporary elements to give a futuristic feel. Similarly, the last song “All Smooth feat. Ash Shakur” has classic hip-hop elements combined with the futuristic sound of wavering synth. Its another super solid collaboration on the album.


Bluestaeb has hit yet another home run with Everything Is Always A Process. It appears that the move from Berlin to Paris was pivotal in his creative process and influenced this album greatly. He, in no doubt, will continue to forge new paths with his ingenuity and knack for making really kick-ass music.

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