Manuel Muzzu Shares The New Stories in his Old Hands


Music can be a powerful motivator. Once it has a person in its grasp, it can inspire them to work through many challenges to create something that is truly their own. Our recent find Manuel Muzzu has overcome true difficulty to achieve his sonic success.


The Italian-based bass player has a handicap on his right hand that only allows the use of his index finger and thumb. This may have prevented most people from pursuing a career using a string instrument. But Manuel Muzzu (M2) saw the challenge as an opportunity to create his own unique style and sound. After falling in love with the sound of the fretless bass at age 12, the passion only grew.


The style that Manuel Muzzu has built is an impressive array into the Jazz Fusion genre that touches on progressive and experimental sounds as well. He uses his skills to extract different sounds that inspire his songwriting into new territories. All the material he writes himself and he plays all the instruments on his records with the exception of piano/keyboards.


The latest release by Manuel Muzzo is New Stories – Old Hands. The 10 track album is a masterpiece of energetic Jazz Fusion. Right from the opening track “Growling” we know we are in for something different and inventive. Through the almost 5-minute song, we are treated to a variety of techniques from guitar harmonics to slap bass. This is proof of how music can break all barriers.


The musical variety shines on “GranSalsa” as Muzzu explores the sultry dancing style without skipping a beat. The layers of sound blend meticulously together forming a full experience. There is a dark vibe that runs through “4U” as the sound brings up deep seeded emotions while remaining eloquent and aurally pleasurable.



Some real beauty is heard on “Stolen Notes.” The softer tone brought me back to an earlier time without worries or any of life’s complications at all. It is special when a song can take your mind away from everything.


The record closes perfectly with “At The End.” A subtle eloquence creeps along allowing total relaxation for the listener. This is a complete album that takes you on a journey through the experience of Manuel Muzzu and demands that you go on the journey again.


Go explore more music on his WEBSITE and purchase the album on iTunes.

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