HYRO THE HERO Releases Unapologetic New Track


In the new track from HYRO THE HERO, edgy, raw, and unforgiving rap meets dirty and riff driven metal.


Straight out of Houston, Texas comes American rapper HYRO THE HERO formally known as HYRO DA HERO. Dominating the music scene since 2007, HYRO is no stranger to controversial topics and metal driven rap tracks.


In his new song “Live Your F*ckin Life,” HYRO directly addresses the social media epidemic that has swept across our generation and beyond.


HYRO THE HERO’s bold new track is unrelentingly metal 


In a culture dominated — or “infected,” if you will — by social media and technology, we have those who are cell phone zombies and those who are awake to what is going on around them.


According to HYRO, The zombies are coming in this social media generation and ‘Live Your F*ckin Life’ is a warning to the people that are woke and the people still asleep. This video gives you that old-school horror feel complimented by nostalgic Nineties vibe close-up shots. The message I’m sending definitely comes across.

In his new music video, HYRO goes so far as to smash several electronic devices with a sledgehammer and peel the skin off of his face out of frustration. The “Live Your F*ckin Life” music video also features slight glimpses of the madness that will ensue and eventually engulf the population. The clear message of technology obsessed zombies also protrudes with lyrics such as “head down, stuck in that position”.


With the opening lines, “This whole generation, instant gratification, dopamine fiends addicted to the sensation,” the clear comparison of social media to drugs creates an explosive cocktail of two dangerous lines.


Dangerous and combustible, HYRO THE HERO is the new Rage Against the Machine. With this track, HYRO has taken the bar and pushed it one more notch. In a world of leaders and followers, HYRO THE HERO is meant to be followed.

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