Passion is certainly a driving force in the world of music, and it is evident in the personal travails conveyed by the band eeko in their album “Gimme Back My Time.”

The release is part of Ico Di Francesco and his troupe’s self-stated quest “to create a lifelong soundtrack for today.” We hope that quest continues, because this album demonstrates a solid step in that journey.


The Italian-based group released the work last year, and it sets out to tell a story that has its roots long before. For Di Francesco, this trek of passion began in the band’s hometown of Milan. He started playing guitar at age 13, and when he was introduced to members of The Cure, the influence of the rock scene took hold. He attended the shows of U2 and Coldplay, among others, and the fire was fueled. His love of music is further supplemented by groups such as The Beatles, Snow Patrol and The Pixies. It wasn’t long before Di Francesco was writing his own songs and setting out to round up a group of musicians with like-minded drive. He found them in Diego Perugini at lead guitar, Guido Pietrella, bass guitar, and Gianluca Meconcelli, drums. The new group called eeko hit the stage.

They did a number of gigs around Milan, with the learn-as-you-go routine of a club band – sets with covers and a few originals along the way. Then the release of a demo called “Coveriginals” received solid response. Touring took its toll. The band broke up for a period of time. But a reunion in 2010 was a welcome occurrence to their fans. They got even more backing and that led to the studio and “Gimme Back My Time.”

The group likes to think of the album as “REM jamming with Jakob Dylan and the Talking Heads, backed up by the Pixies immersed in the September mist on the intimate stage of your imagination.” But as ballad tells a story, so does this work. The opening track, “Hey Now,” says a little about the endeavor.

“People making a show of their life

Just to be a part of the game

The idea may not be all that bad

But it’s all turned out for the worst (believe me!)”

It goes on to describe relationships through the esoteric phrasing of “Central Question,” and inspiration with “When I Write Picasso.”

“The Worst Train of My Life” and its bluesy guitar sound is one of the nicest tracks of the album. But it has a sweet guitar solo that has an all-too-abrupt ending.
On “The Tunnel” they continue the groove with a peppy little number that will get your head bopping and toes tapping.

All in all, “Gimme Back My Time” is a nice sound and message with decent production value, as well. It deserves a listen, and eeko should keep their passion alive.

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