Each musician uses his music to create an outlet for himself and to share emotions with those that choose to listen.  The emotions seems to be pouring out on our latest find Brian Hadsell.

Brian Hadsell

The singer/songwriter from San Francisco, California is able to craft a sound that is much bigger than that of just one man.  Brian Hadsell says the purpose of his music is to create positive feelings for people to find comfort in.   He loves his profession as a music artist and takes it serious as any other job putting in the time and dedication needed.

His latest release is the midtempo rock song “Get Away”.  It is a road trip with his best friend and experiencing the freedom of the road.  The sound is dramatic and somewhat mesmerizing at times.  Brian uses a soft-hard vocal dynamic to bleed emotion and capture attention all in one.  As soon as the melody starts to relax your mind he grabs you with a shake to keep you on the line.  Definitely an artist to keep an eye on at: https://www.facebook.com/BrianMatthewHadsell

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