There are too many struggling artists out there that are willing to put in the time and work hard but unfortunately lack the knowledge and direction on where to focus their hard work.  The smart musician will give as much time to learning about promotion and how the music business works as he does perfecting his musical skill.  A good example of this is our newest find Emaximus.


The young man from East Oakland, California has music in his bloodline from his mother singing in church to his cousins success in the hip hop world.  He used to beatbox with his older brother and friends when he was only 4 years old.  The trouble of the neighborhood started creeping up on Emaximus but luckily he got the opportunity to go to school.  He focused on learning all he could about the music business and hooked up with a marketing and advertising company dive in and learn even more.  The writing bug bit him again and now he had the knowledge to make all his hard work pay off.

Now Emaximus is preparing to release his full length album A Beautiful Mind.  We were able to get a listen to some of the tracks.  The flow is phenomenal.  On “Freeze Frame” he spits rapid fire lyrics over a melodic beat that will get your head bouncing.  The hook catches the attention as well.  He introduces himself with an old school funky soul beat on “Its Emaximus”.  The female vocals add a sexiness to the track showing the Emaximus style.  The standout “Ripper” grabs you with the hook right from the start.  Then the lyrics flow showing a talent for freestyling that is tough to match.  Keep up with coming music from Emaximus at:


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