Emma Stevens is Returning to Her Roots

Emma Stevens

When it comes to music, there is nothing better than pressing play and hearing something which makes you smile. If you are looking for something to have this effect then look no further as the talented Emma Stevens is here. Since 2012 she has been busy sharing a sound which has a sunnier outlook. This can be found on her albums Enchanted and Waves.

Emma Stevens has returned with her new release To my Roots which became a reality thanks to her fans via Pledge Music. This group of tracks feels more heartfelt and personal compared to her previous works. It is this honest approach to her song writing which makes her music so special.

To My Roots offers a good range of tempo as well as a sound that blends folk and country with catchy pop elements. With songs like “Sing Out” and “Let in the Good” you are instantly introduced to sing-along hooks. It also offers that feel-good factor which is infectious.

“Brave” and “Written in the Stars” are amazing examples of someone who writes with their heart on their sleeve. They are delivered with a delicate and emotional tone which makes these tracks stand out. These are open, honest, and though they focus on tough times they have a message to stay strong.

Emma Stevens offers honest song writing that will leave you feeling good.

Overall, if you want an album to make you feel good then To Your Roots is for you. But, there is more on offer here thanks to the high caliber of songwriting that is being showcased.

To find out where to listen or purchase this album then head over to EmmaStevensMusic.com. From here you can also find out more about this talented singer-songwriter, upcoming shows and more.

Looking at Emma Steven’s social media sites, she has been busy working on new material. So give her a follow on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to find out about when it will be released. While you are there, go and say hello as she loves to connect with her fans.

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