Yesterday we wrote about some great club music from France.  It was good music but it left me yearning for some good old American dance music.  I needed to hear some sweet female vocals and today’s find, from Southern California, fits that bill well.

The musical and creative team of consists of female vocalist, emme, and producer, HiRez.  They seem to have a deep love for all things music and pour their hearts into their craft.  According to both members, they aspire to awaken human feeling and to transport listeners into the fibers of each song.  Deep thoughts for dance pop music, but you can tell they truly mean it.

The duos latest song, Anything , was released to their fans less than 2 weeks ago and has been getting plenty of listens.  It is a true dance club song with a hook that you will find yourself repeating well after you leave the dance floor and enter the morning light. beats it into your head with a happy, movable beat that forces you to move your feet.  Their web presence is good and I am looking forward to hearing more music.

You can download the single Anything for free now at

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