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An artist that truly shares his emotions in his music will draw in fans that hope to connect.  Forming that connection through lyrics and songs will gain an army of devoted followers that will help you achieve success with your music career.  One artist that seems to get this is our recent find Endsightt who is bringing something new to the game.

The project is the brainchild of Rick Russell.  He started his career in the entertainment industry as an actor and poet.  Endsightt had a background in rap when he used to get into local rap cyphers with his brother.  Now he developed his own unique style of music that he calls “Art-Rap”.  There are multiple genres that influence the sound but the main idea is to look deep into his environment and tell a passionate story.  

With the current system of the mainstream music market, Endsightt knows the chances of success are against him but he will continue to make high-quality music for himself and anyone else who chooses to listen.

Endsightt Makes Music To Make You Think

The latest offering from Endsightt is the full-length album The Music Demo.  The 15 track record is a journey that the artist wants to take you on.  Right from the opening title track “The Music Demo” you know you are in for something different and passionate.  Multiple genres peak out in just this intro.  For instance “The Plight” opens with some soulful guitar that blends into a full open thought explosion in lyrics by Endsightt.  He asks for help of anyone that will listen.  There is a folk vibe to the music of “St. Peter” but the flow is deep.  This is very different from what you have heard before.  The skills of Endsightt become even more evident as he performs “John Proctor” live on the album.  His way with words as they wind their way through interesting accompaniment is amazing.  The record concludes with “The Sign”.  The lyrics tie the full album together and complete the story that Endsightt had the bravery to share with us all.  The record is a full hour and a half long but it truly demands that you listen to it front to back to complete the full journey.  

Get a taste for yourself HERE.

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