Energy Alchemist Shows Future with ‘Reminder”

Energy Alchemist

It is not easy to get noticed in the crowded independent music landscape these days. A band must be willing to experiment and create something new. Combining seemingly unrelated genres is a tactic that has been used to create some of the most groundbreaking music in history. The latest band to shake up the system like this is called Energy Alchemist.

The band based in Ukiah, California is the brainchild of musician and DJ Bill Hankins. His goal was to create something that busts the genre norms and provides an electric positive energy. To complete the Energy Alchemist lineup, Bill brought in bassist Erik Koski, drummer Matt Heath, and guitarist Julian Sterling. The diverse musical backgrounds of this group are exactly what was needed to bring a fresh sound and energy forward.

Energy Alchemist weaves heavy guitar riffs with an array of live rhythms (including funk, reggae, dubstep, and metal). Then electronic samples and loops are added with dynamic vocal harmonies, Guitars and bass transform into synths and orchestral instruments to take their music to the future.

Energy Alchemist Creates New Electronic Prog-Metal Sound

Earlier this year Energy Alchemist brought us the full-length album Ghost In The Machine. Not a band to waste much time the group is already returning with a new EP titled Reminder. The 3 track taste shows off their unique explosion of sound in a nice bite size experience.



The opening title track “Reminder” will grab the listener right from the start. A high octane feel will get the heart pumping. The pounding double bass pedal drums clash with wild synth sounds making you guess what will come next.

“Way Too Late” begins with some fanciful plucked string and heartfelt vocals. The progressive rock vibe builds with super talented musicianship creating exotic sounds blending into a hard rock masterpiece.

The last track “Flush” has more of a metal feel. An angry yet melodic guitar tone leads the way. The keyboard trills add that progressive element that brings a fresh feel to the new, Energy Alchemist formed genre. Again the talent of the musicians stands out as each takes a turn shredding.

Prepare for the future. Energy Alchemist is here to lead the way. Catch more on their WEBSITE or socially on TWITTER.

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