Lakotah Turns Up The Rock On ‘Pesticide’


With the wide variety of musical genres circulating the airwaves nowadays, we get to hear everything. Taking that inspiration and combining different styles is the basis for creating something fresh and original. Our recent discovery Lakotah is perking up lots of ears with her new sound.

The Billboard Charting Recording artist is currently based in Los Angeles, California. Lakotah has recently hooked up with celebrity publicist and music promoter Danie Cortese of DCE International to introduce her sound to the masses.

One of the most amazing things about Lakotah is her output. She is a prolific songwriter who already has a song catalog with over 250 compositions. Many of these have found placements in television and motion pictures. Aside from writing her own music and lyrics, the artist plays guitar, bass, drums, and piano. She is a total package.

Lakotah Has All The Tools

Even with all this diverse talent, it is the vocals of Lakotah that gather the most attention. They are rich and powerful as well as being passionate and diverse. She could fit well among the current female musical superstars.



The newest single from Lakotah is “Pesticide” scheduled for release today October 12th, 2017. This one turns up the energy with an aggressive rock tone that grabs the listener immediately. The vocals have the same edge. The range of vocals is shown when she takes it down a step to a minimal level and then follows up with a soaring chorus. The grinding guitars keep the momentum going throughout. Reaching the end of the track demands taking a couple seconds to catch your breath. That is a powerful thing. And it looks like there is plenty more coming from this talented artist.

We actually had the chance to chat with Lakotah to get even deeper into her mind:

First off, how did you become professionally known as Lakotah?

Lakotah is my birth name and Iv gone by that since after having other names for my bands and going solo. 

Your sound is an interesting mix of different styles, how would you describe it?

My music is like me, a “combination of different styles ” if you will. I am multicultural and diverse. I think it shows.

It seems you are a prolific songwriter. Where do you find the inspiration for your songwriting?

Since I was a little girl, I have felt music deeply in my heart. Inspiration comes from every emotion in existence, it’s all around us – the feeling you get from singing and playing music is unequaled in anything else. I believe that music assists us as we all endure life as we know it on earth.

Your newest single “Pesticide” is a powerful piece of music. Tell us how that song came to be?

‘Pesticide’ emerged like a thunderous explosion within me. With great love comes great pain, or so it would seem. This song presented itself to me in its pure form. A marriage of love and anger and what we can become.

What is next for Lakotah?

Completing the very intricate process of making the video for Pesticide. And we are moving forward in the process of properly promoting the record, lots of rehearsals getting ready to perform.

What advice would you give to other artists on the rise?

Do your homework on navigating through this business. Be genuine in your writing and performance. Know you need a budget to manage your music. Follow your instincts concerning who you chose to work with and above all- believe in yourself.

Keep up with Lakotah and hear more music on her WEBSITE.


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