At Indie Band Guru offices we receive a steady flow of new music every single day.  Some of it comes with press kits full of artist bios, promo pictures, and assorted swag while others come out of the blue with no real information to get behind a band’s music.  We do appreciate when everything is sorted into a nice package but sometimes the music is strong on its own merit and creates an aura of mystery.  An example of the latter is our recent find Execution 22.

Execution 22

The only information we have on the band is that are from MPLS, Minnesota and their new album “In Your System” is now available for free on Google Play.  Consider us intrigued because we decided to take a listen.  Their sound is hard rock mixed with a progressive edge.  The album opener “Turning Red” swaps between spacey and pretty atmospheric sounds to all out hard rock with a powerful attack.  The title track “In Your System” has a rock edge with a somewhat mainstream flow to the chorus peppered with dynamic technical instrument work that adds progressive flair ala Tool.  Execution 22 shows off the mellower side on “Welcome To” with melodic guitar picking and poignant lyrics.  On “Start The Carve” a darker and more sinister mood is set while the sounds seems to surround you leaving no hope for escape.  By the time you get to the 13th and final song “229” you will need a rest from all the highs and lows the album has provided.  Emotions will be spilled along with the pretty rock piece Execution 22 has shared here.

To get deeper into the enigmatic world of Execution 22 go to:

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