Studd Da Kidd and DRH Consulting Prepare the Exposure Explosion Festival

Exposure Explosion Festival

There is much more to becoming a success in the music industry than just writing good music. It is called the music business for a reason. An artist must take the time to build the skills to become their own business. Our recent discovery of Studd Da Kidd and her DRH Consulting firm are a great example.

Based in San Antonio, Texas, the innovator and entrepreneur has a true passion for the creative side, particularly music. Studd Da Kidd put in the work to develop and constantly grow her business blueprint for her company DRH Consulting. 

The entertainment firm offers a wide variety of artists and creative people a place to call home. The business side often gets overlooked by the artists but DRH Consulting is here to handle it for them. Even after helping develop the artist’s brand, the company helps with other benefits like housing, healthcare, studios, child care, and record label start-up coaching. 

To take it even further Studd Da Kidd and DRH Consulting have big plans to launch the ‘Exposure Explosion Festival’ in 2022. It will be a vibrant and multi-functional festival. A weekly mix of entertainment, small business marketing, and interactive media all coming together to create opportunities for creatives and fans to connect.

The passion is there and big things are on the horizon. Keep up with it all on your favorite platform HERE.

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