“Fall Away” With The Buddha Visions Debut Single

Spirituality is often a topic that goes untouched by most artists. Religion can be either too controversial, too deep, or too niche for many and thus the genre as a whole doesn’t seem to see much progression. The Buddha Visions has come together this year to help make change to that. Their aim is to help open the minds of listeners with their cathartic and emotionally riveting music. “Fall Away” is the debut single from this breakthrough act, highlighting all that they have to offer.

As the name implies, The Buddha Visions draw from ancient Buddhist tradition. Focusing on balancing different energies within the universe, The Buddha Visions carefully balance light with dark in their music. This balance transcends both emotionally and instrumentally throughout their music. The Buddha Visions have crafted an alt-rock sound that dives into electronic, hard-rock, and pop elements that sets them apart.

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“Fall Away” is this act’s entrance into the world and the title track of their upcoming, debut EP. Upon listening to the track, you wouldn’t associate The Buddha Visions with any spiritual connotations. There is an ethereal element to “Fall Away” that does make it calming and entrancing to listen to, despite being a rock driven number. Moments throughout this single shine and ring similar to some pivotal Circa Survive tracks.

The Buddha Visions pulls you in with a soft approach for roughly the first minute, building your anticipation throughout this nearly four minute song. They counter that soothing and gentle tone with a chorus that is full of booming guitar riffs and smashing drum lines. All the while keeping you in balance, not giving you too much of one or the other. The back and forth creates a dynamic that maintains your attention throughout the whole track.

It’s clear that The Buddha Visions have the talent it takes to make it. “Fall Away” is a mature debut release that leads me to believe this is just the beginning for this act. Stay tuned to the remainder of their spiritual journey through life.

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