Fates Frontier Rocks With Thier ‘Mercy Fading’

Fates Frontier

Oh, the power of internet connectivity! Creating music is no longer restricted to just the artists and collaborators you can find playing at the local bars and rehearsal studios. The world is now wide open for musicians to work together ‘virtually’ to craft musical masterpieces. Our new find Fates Frontier is a perfect example of this newfound openness of our world.

The hard rock band has no specific place they call home. Fates Frontier Founder and Guitarist Joshua Rhines recruited fellow Montana native Dan Molgaard after the casual breakup of thier previous band. Those are the only members from Montana though. Looking to continue making rock/metal that they loved they opened up their search a little wider for new bandmates.

The world delivered. Fates Frontier discovered the passionate vocal delivery of Chris Hodges (California),  the pounding rock drums of Hugo Ribeiro (Portugal), and the diverse keyboard sounds of Marco Gnoatto (Argentina). The lineup was set and ready to take over. As they like to say “Music From The Mountains, Made Around The World.”

On May 1st, 2020, Fates Frontier released thier debut EP Mercy Fading. The 5 track record delivers the power from around the globe. On the title track opener “Mercy Fading”, the band sets the tone with amazing vocals over an assortment of hard rock and metal instrumentation. There is even some prog-rock influences thrown in to cement the Fates Frontier sound.

“Seeing Red” continues that prog-rock feel and adds in some funk to keep the listener guessing where they will go next. It still amazed me that the bandmembers are not recording in the same room. Everything comes together in the production perfectly. There is a symbiotic energy that can not be denied.

Fates Frontier turns up the energy even more (if that is even possible) on “Dizzy Now”. The throwback to classic hard rock jumps out of the speakers with pulsating drums, grinding guitars, and Hodges vocals fronting the charge with a sing along chorus. Guitar solos even come home to roost! 

The record closes with the aptly titled “Cyclone”. After what seems like a mellow opening, the band goes right back into their power rock sound. This is rock and roll that has been missing from the masses recently.

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