Bedroom Ceilings Sets Sights But ‘Clairvoyance is Never Simple’

Bedroom Ceilings

Music has a funny way of connecting just the right people. Words and music have a funny way of finding fate. Our recent discovery Bedroom Ceilings seems to be a result of that musical fate taking charge once again. 

The band is the project of two friends, Dean Chittenden and Ben Steer, who began recording together in the winter of 2016. The connection was immediate and the music began to flow. Bedroom Ceilings was born with Dean providing the lyrical verbal imagery and Ben using his multi-instrumental skill to provide the sound to go along with the words. Together they create a dreamy indie rock sound without the overproduction that has become more common recently. 

The latest single from Bedroom Ceilings is the extension of their sound “Clairvoyance is Never Simple” off their upcoming album Another Bulb Burned Out. The song stays on their dreamy vibe with a lo-fi sound that lets the song be fully absorbed by the listener. An interesting connection to both The Beach Boys and Death Cab For Cutie comes to mind for me. Lyrical poetry over a mellow, but full wall of sound. Every word and sound is an important piece of the track as a whole. 

The track keeps building and building to a full crescendo after the 2-minute mark with drums and warped almost psychedelic sounds coming in to round it all out. We are very interested to see what the group comes up with next.

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