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Makeout Monster paints in ‘Pastel’

The fact that there are so many different styles of music out in the world only begets more unique styles. As artists we are always taking in these different styles and letting it influence our own music. Variety is the spice of life they say. That is never as true as in music. Our recent

Dude Reppin Knowhere Drops New Single/Video

It’s an all-around good time for ambient music at the moment, and while this can partially be credited to a newfound interest in the genre within Gen Z, it’s got a lot more to do with the abandonment of traditional scene politics in favor of something online and more international by nature. Dude Reppin Knowhere

Echo Messenger Releases “Rocky Gibraltar”

Looking for an end-of-summer song to jam out to? Look no further than Echo Messenger’s newest single “Rocky Gibraltar.” Singer-songwriter James Bracken is the man behind Echo Messenger, a dark-folk/gauzy/lo-fi emerging project. Bracken is a former member of alternative string band Stagefright.  Through live gigs across southern MN, Stagefright gained popularity among the grassroots industry.