Fear of Men Revamp Their Indie-Pop on New Album

Fear of Men Fall Forever

Sit back and relax and you’ll be swept away into the world of the United Kindom’s Fear Of Men. This Brighton trio is back with a second full length album, where the band emerge with a revamped down-tempo indie-pop sound.

Fall Forever is the creation of band mates Jessica Weiss, Daniel Falvey and Michael Miles and their recluse months after heavily touring in 2014.  Fear of Men’s toured extensively after their debut album Loom had extensive tour dates. Their opening success inspired the band to push their limits.

Fear Of Men Create Pop Out of Multiple Genres

The record sees the trio twisting together sounds and influences from a variety of genres to create their own vision of what constitutes dark and modern pop.

In many albums, tracks tend to speak for themselves independently from one another. With Fall Forever each track “falls” into one another with a smooth melodic motion. Some songs may sound the same, but pay attention to the lyrics, the story of an up and down experience makes each song different in its own dark way.

Although their music is described as “darker,” in no way is it meant only to be heard alone on a sad day. For lack of a better word, it is a “chill” sound that can be put on during anytime. For those trance and deep house lovers, this would be beautiful transition if you are interested in trying out indie sounds.

Fear of Men focus on core sounds instead of layers, while still incorporating textures and details that can be discovered upon repeat listens. Vocalist Weiss says the record is a is a “very personal and genuine record exploring where my life is at the moment.” She calls Fall Forever a “love album” that explores “emotional extremes of closeness and distance, love and violence.”  

The band is now finishing up their tour in the UK and just announced a full US tour this summer and an European tour in the fall.


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