How A Band Can Find Inspiration For New Music

Find Inspiration

Human brains are usually wells of ideas for individuals. As a band, it’s even a bigger pool of ideas from different people to create masterpieces. You could argue that if multiple ideas are coming from different people, how can they lack inspiration? Sometimes this could be explained by hitting a dead end or just not following through. 

Members of a band can experience some sort of idea blockage, and they need to seek new
inspiration to be able to create.

Here are some ways your band can find musical inspiration to get those ideas flowing again. 

  1. Set New Goals 

Working towards a goal sets your soul on fire, especially if it’s exciting. It gives you the motivation to push towards achieving it. You could set a challenging goal for yourself as a band, such as having new visuals for your next songs or venturing into a new genre. It’s also best to ensure that everybody feels involved in the decision-making process. 

  1. Visit An Art Gallery Or Museum

Exploring a different kind of art could spark creativity. Looking at murals or wall paintings can
help give you an idea of what to write or sing about. Visiting museums, especially those where
you can find the work of your favorite artists or musicians can also get your creative juices
flowing. Sometimes, just getting a glimpse of the life of a great composer like Chopin—through
museums—can spawn out-of-this-world ideas you never knew you could come up with. Who
knows, maybe your next museum visit will have you finishing your next track.

  1. Go To A Show 

Watching other people perform can remind you as a band why music is important to you and why you enjoy it. It’s also a way to get insight from other artists by reigniting creativity and even borrowing ideas from them. Going to shows also makes you interact with people who love the same music as you, and they could be potential listeners of your songs.

  1. Travel 

Take some time off anything music-related and have fun on the road. Being in a different place while exploring new sights and seeing different people can be inspirational. Clearing your head and having a life outside of music will ensure you get back to it with an open mind.  This isn’t something you can opt for every time so you should make the most of it when you get the chance.

  1. Establish A Routine

Having small routines before songwriting or recording goes a long way. It gives moral and brings a comfortable mood before work sessions. This will cause the brain to relate these routines to working time. Every time you perform them, your brain will be ready to work. It could be in the form of dancing, stretching, watching a short film, or whatever gets you inspired to work on your music.

  1. Refresh Your Work Flow

On the other hand, switching up the way you do things can be the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for. Sometimes, doing activities the same way every day can be demotivating. Changing your workflow or even your workspace to be more exciting or colorful can invoke new ideas for the band. Something like upgrading some of your old instruments can entice you to try out new ideas.

  1. Just Jam  

Creating new music can impose a lot of pressure and could stall your creative process. However, jamming can very much ease that pressure by just letting you sing to the beat. Singing whatever and not sticking to some sort of ‘script,’ might inspire you to work on your music. Take a couple of minutes playing, singing, and dancing to your favorite songs.

  1. Make Notes And Journal 

Note-taking is often associated with reporters or students but never musicians. It’s a very helpful tool in creativity as it helps you write down what catches your interest. Journaling is also important because it enables you to record things that are distracting you. Hence, it could help you focus on getting musical inspiration. It’s also a place where you can put down your ideas and refer to them in the future.

  1. Collaborate With Other Artists

Collaborating with people who make the same music as you do could get you back on track. Moreover, approaching things from a different direction could open you up to thinking on a larger scale. This means you’ll have to step out of your comfort zone so you’re all on the same musical wavelength.  Nothing gets you up and working real fast like inspiration from other artists. 

  1. Get Some Sleep

You might be working on getting your inspiration, but you’re just tired. Taking some time to rest will go a long way in helping you recover creatively. There’s nothing wrong with doing it the next day if inspiration isn’t coming. When you’re well-rested, you could be able to produce better results. No one wants to be around a grumpy band member when it’s time to work. In addition to this, sleeping is generally important for the body to replenish itself.


Creating new songs usually appears to be seamless but this doesn’t happen all the time. Sometimes you need a push to get into your creative state, and that’s okay. Either way, don’t let this be grounds for making up excuses to not start or continue your musical journey as a band.

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