Flippin’ Gothic Fabp Brings From My Brain To You

Rapper Flippin’ Gothic Fabp shares his newest release From My Brain To You via X-Calade Promotionz. Flippin’ Gothic Fabp aka Fabp aka Fabpz the Freelance, has 5 albums out and 28 singles/EPs out too! A writer from Beachsloth says that Fabp “tells the tale of what it was like growing up and offering insight into the world.”

Fabp’s first track “Vybez Sounding Sweet” is the start of his stream-of-consciousness approach to the album. His songwriting style isn’t mapped out, but in retrospect, makes sense for how he wanted to approach the album. The direction, as you’ll find, is completely up to the first thing that comes to his mind, which makes and breaks the overall project. 

The use of delay and different effects on his vocal tracks like in “Eye Saw This Girl” become a thematic part of the album and can be found on almost every other track. I appreciate his vision behind the track, but it isn’t my cup of tea. Everyone is entitled to write how/what they want, but it feels slightly degrading to women, but again, he’s entitled to his style. 

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Fabp’s next track “Problems a Gwaan” has a stronger psychedelic energy to it that becomes another staple throughout the album. “Mess Don’t Boi ” is more distorted than I like, but that darker sound masks it decently. The use delay, distortion, and other post-production effects are becoming a lot stronger as we move further down the tracks. That same psychedelic element is still present, while still keeping a neat balance. “Tunes I Got” has a more Caribbean-like rhythm to it that I really love!

While I respect everyone’s creative expression, the distortion towards the last few songs like “Rap & Boogie” and “License of the State ” became entirely too overpowering. It became impossible to pay attention to anything else other than those harsh frequencies in the mix. It was underwhelming and just didn’t do the trick for me. His last track “The Doom Remix” is virtually the same as the rest of the songs. 

I really think one of the biggest downfalls is in the lengths of the songs. There is no variance whatsoever in them, and about ¾ of each song is just the hook repeating over and over. While I understand the idea behind the album, there was too much ambiguity behind it all. Keeping engaged became increasingly difficult, even when those little moments that I really like would shine through.

The idea of an album completely reliant on one’s stream of consciousness sounds great in an overly creative setting, but as a writer, you have to remember that there are times where too much ambiguity and broadness can actually hurt your art. It becomes so hard to grasp onto an idea that isn’t even finished. However, as a writer, a look into someone else’s train of thought is very interesting, and seeing it come to fruition is pretty cool.

The stream of consciousness Fabp provides lead a writer with Beachsloth to say that From My Brain To You explores “what it means to be alive in this moment and how he got here,” and we can completely agree on that sentiment.

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