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Guitars are increasingly popular and form the foundation of a strong indie rock song, but how many guitar owners really know how to play? Learning guitar can be intimidating and confusing. However, with the right method and dedication, creating a great indie rock tune is open to anyone, regardless of age or natural talent. The Fool’s Gold method claims to take a novice to intermediate level within a matter of days, so that you can start playing and even earning money from your music. Let’s look at what skills are taught and how effective the method is.


What Basic Skills are Taught?

If you pick up bad habits early on then learning to play more complicated pieces can be more difficult than it needs to be. The Fool’s Gold method teaches guitar in a way that starts with getting the foundations right.


It begins with understanding the guitar itself. As a complete beginner, you may not know the different kinds of guitars and how to treat them. Before plucking the strings, you should know how to change them and tune them.


It is amazing how many people try playing guitar before they even know how to hold a pick. Feeling comfortable with the pick in your hand and adjusting the grip will make the actual playing so much easier.


From here, you will be taught how to strum and form basic chords. With just three or four chords mastered, you are ready to play classics such as Dylan’s Knocking on Heaven’s Door and America’s Horse With No Name. All that within your first day.


Does it Get Results?

The Fool’s Gold Method doesn’t just teach you what to do, but how to do it. It promotes starting with a slow tempo, so this is truly a method for beginners and doesn’t allow you to jump straight into the deep end. It is amazing how much progress you can make if you just take it one step at a time.


It is all about getting the foundations right, from using the best guitar strings to where to place your thumb on the fretboard. However, this is not a miracle method. It still requires you to practice every single day until your finger ends become raw and blistered. Optimal performance will be based on your dedication, hard work and ability to stick to a guitar practice schedule.


The Fool’s Gold method is not a guaranteed way to success. However, by focusing on fundamental technique, it allows for faster progress. Once you have learnt the basics, how far you go will be purely down to dedication.

  -written by Sally the Guitar Guru

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