Fragile Animals Release Rocking Debut EP ‘Light That Fades’

Fragile Animals

Haunting melodies are hard to find in today’s music landscape. Everything that dominates top 40 airwaves is in major keys and follow similar patterns that get boring to listen to day in and day out. But music is for breaking rules, not sticking to them. Fragile Animals is doing just that — breaking rules, and in all the right ways.

Their debut EP, Light That Fades, shows that Fragile Animals isn’t here to stick to your rules. With melancholic melodies that send tingles down your spine to lead singe Victoria Jenkins’ daydream of a voice, Fragile Animals is changing up the indie rock game. Showing their best work in Light That Fades, Fragile Animals are capturing the essence of indie rock and adding their unique flair on every track.

The title track for the EP, “Light That Fades,” shows the direction Fragile Animals are headed in. The seemingly radio-friendly track features catchy hooks that drag you along the entire four minutes of the track. That the lyrics are memorable enough to make it a fun sing-a-long track will draw in fans old and new alike to the group’s new sound.

“Smaller Circles” is wildly different than the other gentler track on the EP. The darker vocals and heavier sound show the diversity Fragile Animals’ have in their sound. It keeps in that indie rock vibe that Light That Fades showcases, but is the angsty track for listeners to grab a hold of. More beat-driven than the other tracks on the EP, “Smaller Circles” is a personal favorite of mine.

The five track EP debuts Fragile Animals signature sound, which is fit into a surprisingly varied package sure to make just about everyone like their music. The perfectly crafted work from a band so early in their career is hard to fine, yet Fragile Animals are proving their critics wrong. Perfectly timed details scattered through the entirety of the EP show their individual skills of every member of the three-piece group and the chemistry they have together.

Jenkins delivers flawless vocals across the entire album. Her unique, daydreamy vocals fit over the enchanting and somber melodics across the EP. Jenkins also plays bass in the three piece ensemble, along side Daniel Parkinson on guitar and Kyle Shipton on drums. The small but mighty group that makes up Fragile Animals rely of these core instruments that capture their detailed sound.

Fragile Animals’ debut EP Light That Fades is set to drop October 27 via Firestarter Distribution.