Free Your Mind with Sleepwreck

Our neighbors to the north have brought us many things; Ice hockey, maple syrup, Tim Horton’s, and now Sleepwreck. Also known as Jesse Davis Selkirk, Sleepwreck calls Vancouver his hometown. His latest album, Disasterpiece, was released on February 12th and puts electronic music on the list of great things that Canada has brought us.

Not only does Selkirk bring an extremely chill vibe with his incorporation of electronic music, which is extremely calming surprisingly, but he also finds a way to blend the electronic sound with voice. Listening to the album almost seems to put you in a trance, and listening with headphones in intensifies this. The four track EP is impressive in many forms; you can exercise to it, you can fall asleep to it, you can take a long drive to it. There are so many different ways to experience the music that Selkirk is bringing to your ears, it might cause a sensory overload.

The first track from the EP, titled “Disasterpiece”, is something that you’d expect to hear in the background of a movie. I’m picturing a fight scene where everything is moving in slow motion. This song is the perfect thing to listen to during something like that. In the words of my coworker, this song is something that he could “rage” to when he’s playing Call of Duty. I’m not exactly sure what that means, but I’ll take his word for it.

The second track on the EP, “Take It Apart”, starts off with a very mysterious beat, and brings in an almost robotic voice when you get closer to the middle of the song. It’s the type of song that you could imagine being played during a Sci-Fi movie. The more upbeat track on the album, “Makes The Sugar Sweeter”, lacks the voice aspect of the second track, but still has the same Sci-Fi feel.

The final track, “Moment of Truth”, is a song that you could expect to hear in a club just as the lights start to being a strobe effect. I can imagine hair being flipped around and arms in the air, and you can almost feel the music going through your body. It makes you want to start moving the moment it starts, and you feel almost invincible.

Sleepwreck definitely knocks it out of the park with this EP, and I can expect that we’re going to hear more about him in the future. You can check out his music here.

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