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Twin River Finds a New Sound With Single “Antony”

When a band releases a single, it’s because the track is able to stand alone as a significant musical achievement. The song has undergone hours, sometimes days of labor, and is expected to be a masterpiece. Expectations were both met and exceeded with the release of Twin River’s new single “Antony.” The Vancouver-based group released their debut album, Should The Light Go

Free Your Mind with Sleepwreck

Our neighbors to the north have brought us many things; Ice hockey, maple syrup, Tim Horton’s, and now Sleepwreck. Also known as Jesse Davis Selkirk, Sleepwreck calls Vancouver his hometown. His latest album, Disasterpiece, was released on February 12th and puts electronic music on the list of great things that Canada has brought us. Not only does Selkirk bring