Twin River Finds a New Sound With Single “Antony”

When a band releases a single, it’s because the track is able to stand alone as a significant musical achievement. The song has undergone hours, sometimes days of labor, and is expected to be a masterpiece. Expectations were both met and exceeded with the release of Twin River’s new single “Antony.”

The Vancouver-based group released their debut album, Should The Light Go Out in 2015, and their second album is currently in the works. “Antony” is set to be released on a seven-inch single on March 4. The band has been noted for their experimentation in the folk-pop genre, and “Antony” is an example of the visionary work that Twin River has been producing.

“Antony” has a distinct, dream-like quality to it, reinforced by the guitar reverb and electric piano backing. The overall bittersweet tune and angelic vocals from singer Courtney Ewan all come together to give listeners the elevated quality experience that is so sought after in music lovers today.

Twin River is definitely one of the up-and-coming bands that will truly revolutionize the musical world. To quote Chuck Berry’s fictional cousin, Marvin, in “Back to the Future:” “You know that new sound you’re looking for? Well, listen to this.”

To hear more of Twin River’s music, including their new single, visit their site, here:

Written by Grant Looper of the IBG Staff

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