Pink Tea Releasing Fast-Paced Single ‘smoko’ Ahead of Debut EP

Pink Tea

Pink Tea is releasing the lead single from the upcoming self-titled debut, a fast-paced and ’70s-inspired song called “smoko.”

Pink Tea is the project of Brisbane, Australia-based Tom Murphy, a musician who wants to tell the stories of his past experiences and the lessons he’s learned. These life experiences have culminated in a wise but optimistic perspective, one that translates well into creative and upbeat indie rock.

“smoko” is Murphy’s second ever offering, the first being a well received single called “Send Me a Letter.” While “Send Me a Letter” was a strong debut, Pink Tea’s hard work since has paid off in his newest song.

The song opens with atmospheric acoustic guitar that mixes well with the echoing quality of Murphy’s vocals. Pink Tea reaches the height of creativity in the chorus, which blends acoustic and electric guitars in a unique arrangement. The electric guitar is distorted and gives the sound an edge, while the acoustic remains ambient.

The vocals are interestingly mixed, with Murphy’s voice coming across in different layers that blend and overlap. The echo quality adds to the atmospheric sound of the acoustic guitar. While the chorus is upbeat and catchy, this adds a sense of depth to the sound as it fades away to the end.

All of this happens atop a strong foundation of ’70s-esque bass line, which ties it all together.

Pink Tea EP is All About Growing Up

For the 20-something Murphy, Pink Tea’s self-titled debut is a reflection on growing up and maturing.

Each song is personal and honest, covering different topics that all end up with the same theme. Terrible mistakes happen, but they lead to revelations and greater positivity in the future.

This optimism is infectious in Murphy’s music, running through the veins of upbeat songs with powerful lyrics.

From humble beginnings in a home studio, Pink Tea has embarked on a path of self-discovery. The project has come a long way, and the proof is in the music.

Don’t miss out on the debut Pink Tea, out February 9.



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