Kenny Fame Lets Us Even Deeper With ‘Louise’

Louise Kenny Fame

In the modern music industry, the independent artist can directly reach some of the same people that the majors used to exclusively own. It will be hard work. But if you are willing to put in the time and make real connections with the gatekeepers, they will open the gates wide for you to enter. One rising star who has mastered this relationship building is our friend Kenny Fame. His new song “Louise” is ready for us.


The fellow New Yorker has made a name for himself both locally and worldwide with his prolific musical output that appeals to many genres and types of fans. Kenny Fame is truly a singer-songwriter, lyricist, poet, activist, and performer. Trying to pin down his music to any one genre is impossible. The fluent musical style he has bends all the genres to create a sound that is all his own. And it can change from song to song.



The latest single by Kenny Fame is “Louise”. It sits somewhere between the singer-songwriter genre, folk, and electronica. As usual, the poetic voice of fame draws in the listener to a story that we all need to reach the climax and resolution of. He is able to say the things we think but often can not eloquently vocalize.


‘Louise’ Touches On Some Issues


The interracial relationship Fame sings about is a truly beautiful thing but we all know the way past society had seen it. With Martin Luther King Jr. Day just passing this is a perfect opportunity to see the future for what we can all be. One happy world with no discrimination of any kind.


Get in touch with Kenny Fame on social media and make a new friend. He will be there for you and help make you a better person.







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