The Cave Singers: Modern Psychedelia Finds Its Voice

The best music of today finds itself increasingly reminiscent of the music from the 1960s. This is understandable, because many of the most popular styles and genres of today owe their existence to the 60s. What genres weren’t created in the 60s, were at least forever altered and refined by it. A genre that owes its entire existence to the 60s, however, is psychedelia. The Cave Singers have taken up the banner for this style of music in their latest album Banshee.

The Cave Singers was founded in Seattle in 2007 by Pete Quirk, Derek Fudesco, and Marty Lund. Each member is a veteran to the music world, and carries their own unique contribution to the band’s sound. Banshee is their first self-released album, and it has proved to be a work of true artistic genius.

The album takes an interesting new spin on the psychedelic genre, often adding an acoustic twist to it like in the easy-going track “Cool Criminal.” Soft, classic rock influences come in through tracks like “Christmas Night,” and the more subdued “Light in the House” with its steady, subtle tempo. “That’s Why” takes the listener back to the playfully menacing music of 60s psychedelic bands like The Animals and The Doors, with its grungy guitar and prominent bass line.

Bands like The Cave Singers is what gives hope to fans of 60s garage band and psychedelic music. It reminds listeners that, while there may have been great bands in the past, a genre will always find its voice in the present.

For more information about The Cave Singers, or to hear some of their work, visit their site.

Written by Grant Looper of the IBG Staff

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