Freedom Fry Has Got A Brand New Drug In “Junkie”

freedom fry junkie

Because love isn’t entirely tangible, musicians often tend to relate it to something real, something you can touch, something you need. Being in love can feel like being drunk. Losing love can feel like starvation. In their latest single, “Junkie,” L.A. based indie-pop band Freedom Fry calls love a drug.

In a press release, Freedom Fry’s Mary Seyrat and Bruce Driscoll describe “Junkie” as “our indie pop ode to being in love and hopelessly addicted to someone.”

Despite the depressing and destructive nature of drugs in real life, “Junkie” is a pretty whimsical and fun track.

A driving baseline and a heavy snare drum perfectly complement Seyrat and Driscoll’s calm yet passionate singing.

“Junkie” marks the bands second single of 2017 after “Awake,” a similarly playful track that superbly utilizes a ukulele.

If you want to know more about Freedom Fry, check out their website here.