Future Jr. Debuts in Vulnerable ‘Vacancy’ EP

Future Jr.

Future Jr. debuted in his freshman EP Vacancy and it sounds like he’s been in the music industry for years. The new artist shows off his ethereal style with a combination of pop and chillwave. Future Jr. distinguishes himself from other pop artists with his swirling electronica and shoegaze guitars. Both relaxing and beautiful, Vacancy shows promise emotionally and musically. His attraction lies within his lush, sedative vocals and complementary melodies.


Vacancy‘s name may carry some truth. There were some holes in music that Future Jr. fills with his weightless voice. In “Suburbia Blue,” Future Jr. throws together a hearty hook with a celestial backdrop. He contrasts artificial sounds with dreamy guitar riffs to create a track that is effectively multi-dimensional. The song is emotionally uplifting and leads into the melancholy “Lonely For You.” Future Jr. conjures a sadness from a place of longing and heartbreak in this track. The listener is drawn deep into the artist’s mind through the catchy, but vulnerable hook.


The snapping snare in “Tell Me That I’m Wrong” makes for a raw, natural sound. Instead, the song incorporates swooning, bending guitars to lay a floating foundation. The track breaks down in what seems like an introspective mood, reflecting on the past and relationships as he begs to be told that he is wrong.


“How To Get A Job” is a short and honest statement about his stage in life. Future Jr. is emphasizing that he’s not really sure about what’s going on. He’s simply “trying to figure it out.” The bluesy guitar whimpers over vocals to invoke feelings of misunderstanding and transparency. This leads into “Glass Words,” where Future Jr. presses deeper into his emotions about someone. Interestingly, Future Jr. adds a saxophone solo in the song, which seems out of character for his genre. As strange as it may seem on paper, the sax actually is very fitting for the reflective mood.


Future Jr. Digs Into His Feelings in ‘Vacancy’

Some of the best music comes from works that were a therapeutic release for the artist, and Future Jr. does just that with Vacancy. In the final piece of the album, the artist pours out his soul in “Sentimental Trick,” an energetic track mixing with his soft vocals. He reflects on (presumably) the same relationship, except now, he is more open about resolving differences. The song’s high energy melody and beat stems from a final acceptance and change of perspective. He concludes the highly personable album with a beautiful song of redemption with his lover.


Future Jr. does not fail to deliver a musically enchanting and emotionally rich performance on his debut EP Vacancy. Be sure to listen and fall in love for yourself.

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