Creating a hot hip hop verse is much harder than it seems.  Unfortunately there are people all over the internet that think they drop hot beats with no talent.  It is easy to find these amateurs everywhere trying to sell their wares. The key is to find a producer that has consistently showed the talent and stick with him as he keeps coming up with innovative beats.  Someone we found that seems to be adding all the right words o these beats is G The Mastermind.

G The Mastermind

Using a diverse background as a native of Chicago and Washington D.C. has allowed G The Mastermind to share his experiences with an ever growing fanbase.  He gives listeners vocals that will grab your attention and lyrics that will dig deep.  G is also an engineer, producer and songwriter helping many artists around the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area.

On his latest release ‘International’, G The Mastermind has made the right connections to put out a truly banging track.  He hooked up Hot Lotto for additional vocals and Superstaar Beats to produce the track.  This collaboration works extremely well.  The rolling beat seeps into your head and gets stuck there very easily.  The energy builds throughout the song and keeps the listener focused to what will be said next.

Take a listen for yourself here:

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