As a developing artist, one must explore all their talents and styles to see where they fit on the musical genre spectrum.  The key is to write as much music as possible and get it out to the public to get a response.  Take all the feedback that you receive and use that to develop your own original sound.  One artist that is well aware of this is someone we have featured here before, Junior Turner.

The artist from The United Kingdom has been going strong and still experimenting with his craft.  Junior has made major headway with his music, winning songwriting contest and topping the UK unsigned charts.  His style of telling a story through song has touched many people and has helped his fanbase grow rapidly.

We have been keeping tabs on him and in return Junior Turner has let Indie Band Guru get an advance listen to his newest track ‘Hurricane’.  On it he tells the tale of Karma and how to rise above by knowing “what goes around, comes around”.  He slows down his tempo on this song and creates a touching vibe throughout the track.  It is definitely a sound that will stay in your head long after the song has run its 3 minute and 50 second course.  ‘Hurricane’ is set to be released digitilly to the public through iTunes, Amazon, and on September 27th.  We were able to secure a sneak listen for our listeners.  Enjoy it here:

Keep up with Junior Turner at:

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