One of the things that I really wish would return to the independent music scene is the cooperative feeling that bands used to have with each other instead of the constant competition rife in the underground scene today.  Support each other damn it!  Luckily there are pockets of bands working together to build something greater for the scene in general.  One such spot is King Killer Studios in Gowanas, Brooklyn.  The collaborative effort of the bands that call this place home has led to some great music lately.  My latest fetish from KKS is Generator Ohm.

The band is still relatively new, forming in 2010 when guitarists Ernest D’amaso and Willie Chen met drummer Michael R.P. Morale of the band EndAnd in the cooperative environment that is King Killer Studios and saw a like mind that fit perfectly with the pounding guitar and drum style they were developing.  Their innovative and hard sound could be described possibly as post-rock or post-alternative or post-grunge.  It is post-something because as they borrow from the past they are creating something completely new.  Their influences of At The Drive In, The Pixies, and Fugazi hit right in a sweet spot of my past musical loves.

Generator Ohm is set to release their debut album Upon the Me Om I next month but has already starting building a rabid fan base aching for the record by playing powerful shows every 2 weeks throughout NYC.  I was lucky enough to see them for myself a couple weeks ago in Brooklyn and literally had my jaw drop.  The band’s live performance is electric and demands attention by everyone within earshot.  Earnest and Willie are able to switch between guitar, bass, and vocal duties without the band skipping a beat.  The first song on the album to really grab me is ‘Lemming Shuffle’.  It begins with a speedy yet melodic rhythm that draws the listener in immediately.  I dare to say I got a Foo Fighters feel for a minute.  Each member of the band is an expert on their instrument and each sound complements the others so well.  Powerful is a word that keeps coming to mind.  ‘They Can See Us’ begins with a jangly echoing guitar before the low end comes in to shake your bowels.  This is music that is for more than just the ears, it is a full body experience.  The vocals are also an intricate part of the song as they carry the listener forcing you to focus on everything all at once.  The start-stop rhythm of ‘Marginal Hop’ is another song that shows the expertise of all three musicians.  From sexy guitar fills, to pounding drums, to vocals that seem impossible to sing and play at the same time.  I can’t say enough about how good these guys are with their instruments.

Bottom Line: I could go on and on about Generator Ohm and my newfound love for them but I don’t want to sound smitten.  These guys need to be on your radar before they explode onto the scene.  I hope the Indie Band Guru can stay involved with Gen Ohm all the way up to their pending stardom.  Don’t forget to tell everyone you heard of them here first!

Go get a preview of Upon the Me Om I now at:

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