All over the world, American Rock music is a major force.  This leads to many bands from different parts of the world trying to emulate it.  What always amazes me is that in many of these countries English is hardly spoken yet when these bands write lyrics they are all in America’s native tongue.  I recently came across a band from Germany that is putting out some interesting music.  Let me introduce you to Meroe.

They are a heavy rock band originating from Munich that has been around since 2000 churning out 1980’s style heavy rock sounds that seem a little dated here today but may have fit in well a couple decades ago.  They always say the rest of the world is a little behind America in music but when good bands can produce good music it will fit in any genre at any time.  Meroe consists of Oliver Monroe on vocals, Alex K. on guitar, Andy Lorenz on drums, and Peter on bass.  I would describe their genre best as hair metal.

Meroe has recently released their third album Sick Society.  It is an 11 song collection of classic hair metal songs showcasing the talent of each member.  Alex K.’s guitar style is tailor made for this genre full of catchy little fills and hooks.  The song that struck me was ‘Never Let You Go’.  Solid rock with a fun sing-a-long chorus ready for a stadium rock crowd.  The guitar work is excellent and the solo is extra-long.  I miss that in today’s music.  It would fit very well in the late 80’s American Rock scene.  Throughout the album they are able to mix that vintage hard rock with a modern twist using the current technology available to them.  As expected, the lyrics are a little basic as English is not singer Oliver’s first language but he makes up for that with the passion in his voice.

Bottom Line: Meroe’s new album Sick Society is perfect if you are looking for a throwback to 80’s hair metal without hearing the same old songs that you are used to.  Give them a listen at:

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