One of the best ways to get noticed is not always to tell every aspect of your life story but instead to create an aura of the unknown.  This can pique the interests of casual listeners that try to search fro the real artist behind the music.  You can go even deeper as our new find The Ghost Of Brooklyn has.

Ghost Of Brooklyn

The story is quite an interesting one.  The Ghost of Brooklyn is a real ghost from Green-Wood Cemetery. Not the scary nighttime variety, but a friendly musical ghost that meditates, plays guitar and prowls the city streets sharing what he does best.  He does not aim for big dreams or big production in his music but instead  records all his music live.  One guitar, one voice, one take.

The Ghosts Of Brooklyn has been releasing a steady stream of singles through YouTube to show off his songwriting talent and authenticity.  On “Beautiful Day” he shows off his laid back style that would be just as fitting on a tropical beach as it is on the Coney Island beach of Brooklyn where the music video was shot.  There is a more rockin’ feel to “Manhattan Ghost” with some added guitar effects to create a fuller sound that still sounds raw and live.  The Ghost Of Brooklyn can go a little funky too as heard on “One Love”.  On this ode to Green-Wood cemetery mate Jean-Michel Basquiat there is a happy bouncy tone that will put a smile on the listener’s face.  This is genuine and authentic music by an artist that does it purely for the love of sharing his musical journey, even if that means a little haunting along the way.  Check out some more of The Ghosts Of Brooklyn’s videos at:


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