Music should be freedom!  There is a lot of pressure in the crowded music industry to fit into specific formats and genres from the larger pop friendly mass media record labels.  Fortunately as the independent scene has flourished there is many more opportunities for bands that are proud to do their own thing without any outside forces controlling them.  The band fREEX is leading a new indie style.


Originating from the East Bay section on the San Francisco Bay area the band is at the forefront of an original genre being called “Free Expression”.  The group is made up of California, Ivan “Vänü” Ganchev, and Jeff Williams along with random other scenesters popping in from time to time.  fREEX have been releasing music and refining their craft since 2006.  The sound is tough to describe in words but there are strong elements of post punk, alt-rock, and plain old groovy funk mixed in to their fREEX style.  Other bands seem to be following suit and a thriving scene is growing out on the West Coast.

The boys have been hard at work with the intention of releasing a new album in the Spring of 2015.  Indie Band Guru has heard a few tracks and is excited for more.  The Free Expression is very evident on “God, I Love America” with its minimalistic folky opening and mellow melody crashing into a seemingly random aggressive punk chorus.  There are no rules at fREEX.  “Is There Something Wrong” is more of an alt-rock song led by a gravelly vocal that builds to an energetic explosion that will get your head bopping along.  On “The Dark Night Rises” the attack is right from the start.  fREEX utilizes some of the hard-soft-hard dynamic that Nirvana perfected years ago.  The grinding guitars fit into the groove perfect making for an awesome listening experience.  Bottom line: No rules makes for great music.  Keep up with more from fREEX at:


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