Bands and band members may come and go but where there is a passion to make music artists will push forward to reach the promised land.  There is a power to this musical draw and fates twists and turns will eventually lead to what is supposed to be.  Let’s follow the story of The Links.

The Links

The Lafayette, Louisiana based band was formed back in 2011 by a group of high school friends.  They got out there, wrote some songs, played some shows and then seemed to fade away.  But the dream didn’t die there. The Links relaunched in 2013 with an eventual lineup led by original member Jordan Marola on guitar, vocals and keyboards, Matt Begnaud on bass, and Matt Ashy on drums.  Together they craft an interesting mix of alternative rock with influences from the funk, and hip hop genres.

Last month The Links released a new EP entitled Shopping Cow Funk.  It touches on a variety of styles showing some true songwriting talent.  From the “Danny Boy Intro” opening the listener is set up for an interesting experience.  On “Funk Song” the band shows off some true talent on their instruments within a reverb drenched effect that seems to swarm your ears.  The dreamy “When You Really” plays with a programmed drum track and a spacey feel to have you reach a higher state.  The Links do not search far for song titles as you can guess the direction of “Metal Song”.  There is aggressive guitar here laid down with some atmospheric funk that makes for an innovative style.  These guys can seemingly put together whatever sounds and styles they see fit to make The Links brand of music.

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