Sometimes the best musical partner you could have is so very close but never seems to work out just right.  It is often something about being too easy and conspicuous to notice what should have been known by everyone.  Fortunately though, once in a while situations turn out right and the magic is made like in the situation of our recent find NickNervous.


The duo is made up of Caiti & Kelsi Fadness.  A pair of sisters hailing from Southern Idaho that grew up together in a family full of music.  Each developed a strong talent in both songwriting and singing but their musical paths went in different directions.  Eventually Caiti and Kelsi took a chance and collaborated and found that their styles and harmonization complemented each other perfectly.  The interesting band name of NickNervous actually comes from their father’s band from the 80’s.

Last year NickNervous released their debut EP The Art Of Breaking Down.  The 5 track record has opened a multitude of doors for the pair.  The opener “Human” combines elements of rock, country, and atmospheric sounds.  The vocals stand out as truly smooth and somewhat mesmerizing.  The lead track “Ghost” perfects these vocal harmonies even more along with a soothing melodic background.  This caught the attention of various filmmakers and led to some great opportunities for the band.  The title track “The Art Of Breaking Down” builds up into a full sonic soundscape that relaxes and yet pulls in the listener to pay close attention to the lyrics and where the song is going.  NickNervous recently hit the studio again for work on a full length album aiming for release late this year.  Keep an eye on the pair of rising talents at:


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