Gift ideas for the music enthusiast in your life

Gift ideas

If you have a music enthusiast in your social circle of close friends, you might wonder what to get them for a special occasion. This is especially the case if, compared to them, you do not have excellent knowledge in everything music-related. So, picking something that your friend will love and is on their wish list can be pretty challenging. 

But with little research and what you know about your music lover friend, it is guaranteed you’ll get a fantastic gift. The secret is to ask the right questions and not overthink the idea on which you have decided, as it is true that the gesture counts more. Your friend will appreciate your dedication and value the fact that you are thoughtful and want to give them a present that includes a passion of theirs. Besides, there are a few gift ideas for music enthusiasts that could help you choose something which is sure to be of impact. 

Below, you will find a list that could be helpful for you. Whether it is the desired record or an experience, like a concert, the following ideas might inspire you:

Vinyl records

Vinyl has clearly made a comeback. Even more, now they are generally desired and are not only collected by music enthusiasts. It used to be that only incredibly passionate individuals would gather vinyl records and complete discographies from famous brands. Although many more people are buying them again, for fans and music lovers, listening to vinyl is an entire experience, both tactile and auditory. With so many streaming services – although they are incredibly vast in music offerings and offer significant advantages – listening to vinyl is an activity that, nowadays, is more appreciated. The experience of feeling a record and playing it by putting it on a turntable, dropping a needle, and having to swap its sides is something that music enthusiasts are not taking for granted. 

For this reason, you cannot really go wrong with a vinyl record of your friend’s favorite band. Or, better yet, you can find many gems in vintage shops that could be the missing link in your friend’s collection that they have been looking for for a long time. So, whether you buy a new one that you know your loved one has got their eyes on, or you search vintage shops for an artist’s discography, this will definitely be a gift very well-received. 

Vinyl turntable

While there isn’t a mistake you could make with offering your friend vinyl records as a gift, especially if you know that there is a special one they desire, you might not be able to find it. On the other hand, if your friend has been collecting them for some time, there could be limited options for you to add to their collection. However, in case they might not have a professional turntable, there is a great variety of new ones from which you can choose. Given that they come in different styles, there are record players for every preference. So, if your friend has a more classic approach, you can choose a wooden one that looks incredibly retro, or you could go for a turntable in pastel colors that really send you back to the 70s. 

What’s more, record players nowadays have specific characteristics that could be a massive advantage for music enthusiasts. For instance, some turntables have a USB output that allows you to transform analog to digital. This means that any favorite albums in analog format can be digitized. Music aficionados that also juggle with creating music and want to learn more could appreciate this feature a great deal. So, if this is the case with your friend, such a gift will be an excellent choice. 

Headphones or earbuds

This might seem relatively straightforward for a music lover; however, high-quality headphones are pretty pricey, and it isn’t uncommon that some people avoid spending too much on this. Therefore, buying a pair of good headphones could be something that your friend has always kept on their wish list but never purchased. Besides, you have the option of you and a couple of other friends split the cost of it, so you can buy the latest version that is of the highest quality.

If headphones are too massive, you can always opt for a pair of earbuds. This is the most convenient option while also offering a great listening experience. Being wireless as well, they allow for more movement, so for regular gym-goers, this is an incredible advantage. So, if you think earbuds make a fantastic gift for your music enthusiast friend, research brands that offer the best feature to make sure the listening experience is indeed top-notch. 

The small size allows you to transport them easily. You can even buy a chic case for the earbuds and choose from various stylish fabric sacks with drawstrings to make it more of a surprise. 

Lessons to play a musical instrument

If you know your friend has always wanted to try playing a particular instrument, this could be the ultimate gift. Hence, if your friend’s dream is to learn how to play an instrument but never got the chance, you can offer them this chance. It is essential not to pay in advance for an entire workshop or class, as they might not want to continue for various reasons. In this case, you could offer them an experience where they can go only a few times to try playing their desired instrument. If this turns out to be a success, they could continue doing it. Your gift gives them the chance to try something they have dreamed of and, who knows, they might discover a new passion or nature their talent. 


Going to concerts or festivals is an experience loved by many people, not just music enthusiasts. Apart from seeing your favorite band live and feel the unrivaled excitement, a festival is almost like a holiday you get to spend with your loved ones that have great music and all sorts of other experiences. For a music connoisseur, going to a concert of their favorite singer or band could be more than just a fun event. Thus, offering your friend tickets to a live experience can be an excellent idea. If a concert or festival is in a different country, you can take advantage of this and make a birthday trip out of it.

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