A Certain Energy Stunts With Single “Foreign”

We are often used to hearing artists rising from major cities such as Houston, Los Angeles, Atlanta, or Chicago but not from Indiana. Fort Wayne musician, A Certain Energy (ACE), reps his city with a new single, “Foreign,” which stresses success can come from anywhere. Originally released June 25th, 2021, ACE demonstrates his videography skills by following up his single with a lavish video featuring David Sinclair-Black.

Watch the video for “Foreign” below

Directed by Amir Hussain, owner of Sight Beyond Sound, “Foreign” also establishes the idea of “always wanting “more” with what you desire in life.” ACE also mentions establishing his dominance in the music industry in hopes to own and push a music label. Playing hard is well earned through the hard work ACE provided on the track. Surrounded by flashing lights and alluring ladies, the track serves as his dominance in the music industry he perceives, making himself noticeable amongst the growing Hip-Hop community. Quality music and videography are top of the list for ACE and “Foreign” provides supports for his promise.

Although we have been provided a stellar single, ACE’s road to this point has been rocky. Firstly introduced to music by his father, ACE would visit studios in Saipan, practicing his vocal and performance skills. He would quit music multiple times until after he joined the United States Marines and had a close friend of his pass. This motivated him to continue his dream and establish the path of dominance in the music industry.

Since then, ACE has signed a year contract with Sinclair Media Group and has worked with artists such as Kota the Friend, Sir Michael Rocks, and Mickey Factz. ACE has also made appearances in VideoCity TV, XXL, and YV Hip-Hop Magazine. “Foreign” may be the single that puts ACE in the position to become a leading figure in the Hip-Hop realm.

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