There are some people in the entertainment industry that refuse to give up even after it seems like nothing happens the way they planned it.  This is a good thing, and it has led us to many great artists that refused to quit after early failures.  We may have found another one in the making with Gina La Piana, an actress and singer-songwriter that has been in the industry since she was a child but is not known by the masses…….yet.

Born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in California, Gina was sucked into the business early.  She signed a major label record deal at a young age and landed her first TV series at age 17.  She was placed in an all-girl teen group as well with Columbia Records with promises of stardom.  After a time she realized that the group environment was not for her and a solo career where she could share her lyrical inspiration was what she truly wanted.  It didn’t take long and she signed a deal with Randy Jackson of American Idol fame as a solo artist.

Her last album simply titled, Gina La Piana, is full of songs that truly show off her vocal talents.  The beautiful ‘Fly Away’ is a somber song with just a piano and Gina’s strong voice.  She is also not afraid to share her past experiences and present fears with the listener throughout the track.  This is something that sets aside the great singer/songwriters from the rest.  The track that really stands out to me is ‘Baby Don’t Wonder’, a real rock song where Gina stretches her voice out and lets her female strength shine.  I had flashes of Kelly Clarkson during this song.  There is definitely something here that is made for the masses to hear.

Gina La Piana is now independent and has the freedom of full creative control to really make her dreams a reality.  She promised me that an acoustic album will be self-released in a few months.   We should all look forward to what she has in store for us.

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