“Girl” Go Listen To Waterplanet!

Baltimore duo, Waterplanet have really crafted a unique space for themselves within music. Quirky and folky and bright, they say they’re making folk-art rock with a pop twist and I say they’re right. Recently the act released an EP titled Never Far, Waterplanet’s first non-holiday release in years. The EP shines upon everything that sets Waterplanet from the rest.

“Girl” is the opening track on Never Far and a stand-out moment for Waterplanet. Upon first listen you’re enchanted by the effervescent feeling that “Girl” leaves you with. Simple instrumentals and embellishments set the tone for the track while the vocals hypnotize you. This single immediately strikes as carefree and lighthearted.

But as you continue to listen the song gains complexity. Lyrics paint the picture of a tortured soul ashamed of themselves. The juxtaposition between the cheery disposition the song has and the dark nature of the lyrical content makes “Girl” impressively intriguing.

“Stagger through this world always hurt, stupid girl”

There’s so much magic within this song that is barely over two minutes long. Truthfully, the entire EP could have just been “Girl” on repeat five times and I would still be elated. If you can make me want to dance while simultaneously making me sad, then you’ve got my full attention and Waterplanet has done exactly that.

Waterplanet is something that is wholly unique. There’s a certain something you can’t put your finger on that makes them shine and “Girl” is a testament to that. So grab your headphones and get ready to put this song on repeat. You surely won’t regret it.

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