Sinistra Shows Us Our Own ‘Human Nature’

Human Nature

We always need to look on the bright side of a situation. The world is currently in a crazy state due to the Covid-19 pandemic. One benefit though is the newfound free time for us artists to pour into our music. Our friend Sinistra has been keeping very busy and has returned with a new song and video for his latest “Human Nature” 

The Costa Rican artist has been fully experimenting with a variety of sounds. Coming from a metal background, Antonio Masís Brown has a lot of experience among some giant names learning how to create new progressive sounds. It has only been since mid-July when the Sinistra project was launched but the results have been very impressive. Now with the 4th single “Human Nature” released we see another side of Sinistra.

Official Lyric Video For ‘Human Nature’

The song was written in April over the course of 48 hours. By the next month, it was recorded in Miut Audio studios and several other home studios. The song aims to put all the emotions we are going through into one package. In these unique times we see incredible acts of kindness, love, and optimism and at the same time so much frustration, jealousy, and even hate. Good and bad must work together to find a world of empathy and acceptance.

The mellow guitar opening of “Human Nature” lets us ease into a relaxing state to welcome Sinistra into our soul. There is a delicate drum beat provided by percussionist Juan Carlos Pardo that does not aim to fit into any specific genre but instead keeps open to our own interpretation. Vocally, Antonio offers a trance like cadence that continues the relaxed tone but a deeper dive into the lyrics shows real emotion. The song kicks up the energy with an outro by amazing blues/rock guitarist Jason Parra pulling the listener back to a state of excitement. “Human Nature” is a full song that does exactly what it should do, take the listener on a journey of emotions. 

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