Sometimes a singing talent jumps out and stands out among the crowd.  The voice can be a musical instrument in itself.  When a talented musician can use that instrument to a superior level it makes for beautiful music.  We hear this often in the opera arena but when a special voice enters the pop music world we take notice.  The latest to make us stand up at attention is Gisele Anthony.

Gisele Anthony

The native New Yorker, now residing in South Carolina, uses her talents a a vocalist, songwriter and storyteller to craft exceptional songs among the NeoSoul and NuJazz genres.  Gisele brings in elements from R&B, Gospel, World, and even Classical music to create a sound that is all her own.  Upon hearing her voice it is obvious that she has a background in musical theater as well.  She is able to tell stories through her music that have spiritual elements without the ‘in your face’ preaching that can get annoying really fast.  There is definitely a message behind her music.  Gisele calls it the “G” Factor, not for Gisele, but for what she hopes to share with the world in Goodness, Grace, Giving, and Guidance.

She is currently putting together her G Factor project with a collection of songs to inspire.  Indie Band Guru was able to get a listen to some of the first songs meant for this project and this is definitely something we all should hear more of.  On ‘Choices’ Gisele Anthony shares her sultry voice over a Jazz beat that captures the attention of the listener without being overpowering and taking away from the meaningful lyrics.  Another song to jump out is the Latin influenced ‘All I Ever Wanted’.  Music director Bam Scott crafts an energetic soundscape that enhances the multi-octave voice that Gisele sings with passion here.  Her musical theater background is evident on ‘Hide Not Thy Face’, another sultry track that tells an inspiring story.  The spectrum increases with ‘Everything Is Gonna Be Alright’.  The elements of nujazz are mixed with touches of electronica to create a symphony of sound that grabs the listener and refuses to let go.  This is music that will remain in your head long after the CD ends.

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