So much music in the hip hop world today is saturated with the same repetitive beats.  Lyrics of guns and violence are a little too rampant for my taste as well.  Music is everywhere and there is so many different styles to be influenced from.  The innovative artist that reaches for something different will always get Indie Band Guru’s attention.  Our latest find is Peacecraft.


The hip hop artist from Richmond, Virginia is on a mission to make quality music that is original and hard to pinpoint into any one category.  Even labeling his sound hip hop is a little confining.  Peacecraft has full control of his sound by acting as the producer, engineer, artist, and rapper.  There are no outside voices guiding his creativity.  Instead of being lumped into the hip hop cluster, he has brought in heavy influences from the indie and progressive rock worlds.  His blends are imaginative without compromising any of the genres that he draws his inspiration from.

This past week Peacecraft released the full length album $ociety.  The 15 track record stretches out from its hip hop foundation to create original sounds with each song.  Right from the opening track ‘Welcome (Wonderland)’, and its Pink Floyd sample, the listener must prepare themselves for something different.  The novelty continues on tracks like ‘Fool’$ Gold’ and ‘Drug Culture’ where Peacecraft shows that he has skills in flowing lyrics as well as crafting soundscapes that will stretch you imagination. He does not shy away from provocative lyrics either; just take a listen to ‘The H8’.  The title track ‘$ociety’ is a mish mash of sound coming at you from every angle.  At first it doesn’t sound like it will work until the vocals come in and tie it all together but still letting your mind wander where it may.  If you are prepared for this go take a listen at:

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  1. Darian Des Garcon Hallion

    this album takes me to a place where guns and drugs and violence are things of the past, and the only thing that matters is is good vibes and peace.heavy listening piece bro, always hits the spot

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